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MMM (1)Hi y’all. My name is Mya Rae and I’m a 20 something trying hard to appreciate this beautiful, crazy life I’ve been given. I’m fierce and stubborn and I love to laugh. I hate the Oxford comma, but I do believe in being polite. My biggest fault is that I’m determined to always do the right thing and to demand it of others, even if I have to pay dearly for it. Some days are hard but all are a blessing, and this blog is something I started to document both of those types of moments as they come to be. I’m here to share the beautiful parts of my life, and the parts that make me want to give up and curl into a ball every now and then. I’d love for you to see my journey and keep me accountable to more than just myself. I’m so glad you’re here–I already know we’ll be great friends.

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