DIY Fall Centerpiece for Less than $15

DIY Fall Centerpiece for Less than $15

How to Make a quick & easy fall centerpiece for less than $15I’m so excited that the start of fall has finally begun because it means I can start decorating our tiny new home with all kinds of cool gourds and vibrant, saturated shades of reds, yellows and oranges. BC created a lot of the furniture elements in our apartment out of rich, dark wood that goes perfectly with fall colors, and as soon as September rolled around I knew I wanted to add a little bit of “home” to the darker industrial wood pieces he’d made. Of course, I had (still have!) to keep in mind that I was still job hunting, so I couldn’t go crazy at Michael’s or Joann’s to satisfy my craving for fall decor. If I don’t watch my budget at those places I can easily spend $50-$75 on a DIY project. But right now since funds are limited, I headed to the next best place for craft supplies on a budget–the dollar store.

DSC_0046If you haven’t already tried them out, the Dollar Tree in particular is an awesome place to find seasonal decoration supplies if you’re on a budget. For this project, I went to the Dollar tree and bought whatever struck my fancy– twine, burgundy ribbon, a vase, floral arranging blocks, spanish moss to fill the vase, and plenty of colorful fake florals. I wanted the centerpiece to have a lot of texture and dimension, so I picked a lot of different floral pieces–some were made of burlap, some were maple leaves, others were pieces of tall skinny grass. You might want to stick to one or two different types of flowers for a seamless, simple effect or you may want to go my route and grab whatever inspires you. Regardless, don’t limit yourself as you’re selecting quantities. You want this bouquet to be full and striking–plus, you’re at the dollar store! No need to skimp back to save the budget–with everything I bought for this bouquet, I came in at $14 and change with tax. What a steal!

Arranging flowers

Once you’re at home and ready to begin, break out the vase and the floral arranging blocks. It helps to make sure you use a vase with a wide neck so you can fit the blocks through, but if not, you can simply cut the blocks down to size. You’ll want to fill the Spanish moss around the blocks to about start of the neck, until blocks are no longer visible.

Adding the spanish moss to the DIY centerpieceNow comes the fun part–arrange your flowers! If you’ve chosen to go with the overcrowded fall bouquet like myself, try to vary the shapes, sizes and colors of the pieces in your arrangement. I wanted it to look like an explosion of texture, so I cut some of the bunches apart in order to better vary the arrangement. Trust your gut and do what you think looks good!

DIY Fall flower arrangement

Finally, I went ahead and added a small extra touch to my flower arrangement by tying a bow around the neck of the vase. I like how it turned out (because I love bows) but this is a completely optional step. Once you’re done, your final product may (or may not!) look something like this. How beautiful! So much fall cheer! I love it–what do you guys think? DIY fall centerpiece for less than $15

If you’re itching to get started on your fall crafting, this is a quick and easy (and cheap!) project to get the ball rolling. And it adds so much cheer! Have you guys started your fall DIY projects yet? I need ideas for my next craft… let me know in the comments!

DIY fall centerpiece for less than $15


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  • I love it! You know I am ALL about the crafting. I am working on a fall wreath for the house and I’ve been trying to find ideas for centerpieces too 🙂

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