New Beginnings: September at Mya Rae Media

New Beginnings: September at Mya Rae Media

Fall is the start of so many new beginnings. Here's a sneak peak of all the awesome stuff coming on the blog for September! Hello everyone! Welcome to the first day of September. It feels crazy to type that sentence out to you all, yet here we are–prepping for pumpkin spice lattes and yet again falling back into the search for THE perfect pair of boots for our fall wardrobes (don’t ACT like you aren’t looking…). I’m pretty sure it’s in the 10 commandments or something–thou shalt endlessly search for the perfect fall boots season after season, regardless of what other amazing boots thou hast already purchased in the past. This year for me, the search is on for taupe wedge ankle booties. Last year it was a desperate search for the Frye to end all Fryes, and the year before that it was open neck black suede booties. IT NEVER ENDS.  Ahem… anyways. What was I saying?

God bless this little blog, y’all. I was saying, welcome to fall! Like many other bloggers out there, fall is hands down my favorite season and I’m excited to bring you guys all kinds of really awesome content on this blog to commemorate that. To me, everything about fall just communicates so much love–all the cozy sweaters, the gratefulness of giving thanks for your blessings, and of course, new beginnings. Ever since we were young, fall has meant new beginnings because of the back to school season. This fall in particular spells out a myriad of new beginnings for me–I’m working towards a new job, I’ve moved to a new city, I’m meeting new friends and I’m discovering a new phase in my relationship. I literally hit the “reset” button on my life, and now I’m truly starting from scratch in an effort to build the best life that I possibly can for myself. It’s scary stuff, but honestly, this is the kind of thing that only happens once in a lifetime–and I get to share it all with YOU!

Over the next 30 days, you can expect a lot of awesome stuff on this blog. I’m switching gears from photojournalistic imagery to casting my hand at styled shots, as well as finding ways to get my own mug into the picture more often. Everybody wants to see more of this clown, right?


In all honesty, all the topics that have been on my heart lately are just BURSTING to get out there into the blogosphere. I’ve really been feeling this need to share the things that I’m going through in this period of rejuvenation, so that others might also seek the same sort of healthy change in their own lives. I desperately want to share the difficult times I’ve gone through so that someone else out there doesn’t have to feel the same helpless feelings I do–although that might just be the nature of the job hunting process =]. My creative juices are already at work scheming up ways to pair this content with interesting imagery that won’t make you feel like you’re reading a novel every time you come to my blog (I have a tendency to get a little mouthy sometimes… whoops!).

More than anything, I hope your fall is looking as beautiful and chock full of bright, new beginnings as mine is. I pray that the content I have coming up will be interesting AND useful to you, and as always, if there’s anything you’re dying to see from me or wish you could learn, let me know! I am already bursting at the seams with some crazy good career advice, DIY projects and fashion related posts, but more than anything, I want to know what YOU want to hear from me. This is just as much your community as it is mine, friends. So let’s get to building on it! Cheers to new beginnings.

Love Always,
Mya Rae

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