Vintage Dress & Crop Top: OOTD

Have you guys ever been gifted an amazing piece of clothing that you loved? Really loved. I’m saying, you received this as a present and it blew away your expectations… all of a sudden you were wondering if in fact the person who gifted it to you knows what you like better than you do. That’s how I feel about this vintage dress my mom picked up on a trip to Canada. It has the most amazing, vibrant print that makes me so happy every time I look at it.


When I first received this dress, I was obviously so elated to try it on. I don’t own anything even close to this pattern or vibrancy (AND NEITHER DOES ANYONE ELSE. #praise). Since it’s a vintage dress, it has no interior tag on it to denote size or care instructions… and as soon as I pulled it over my head, it was like a sack. I’m talking four or five sizes too big. 




At first I was disappointed because I couldn’t imagine ever being able to make this dress work, but then I remembered this itty bitty American Apparel crop top I had in the bottom of my closet, courtesy of my job (I feel like it’s important to note here that we get sent samples all the time from different apparel companies. Don’t want y’all to think I really spent money on it, because, well. Crop tops. Enough said). I’d never even tried the crop top on until this moment. It’s a super tight, stretchy spandex like material, and thought of wearing it as an actual shirt seemed… I don’t know, obscene?



But this dress seemed like it was calling out for the crop top–they were a perfect pair. The silhouette and color went so well with the vintage buckle on the front of the dress. Just like magic, I had a super cute, one-of-a-kind vintage inspired outfit. I feel like one of those super creative fashion bloggers, but if we’re being honest, I have a long way to go to get to that status. We can consider this a good start. Also, this was BC’s first time shooting outfit photos–everyone, give him a hand for being such a good sport (and so he continues doing so for me in the future!).

Vintage dress and crop top

What do you guys think of my crop top/dress combination? Have you ever tried some clever combinations with the pieces in your weardrobe? Let me know in the comments! I feel like there are other cool ways to make use of my clothes and I’d love to see what other crazy things I can get myself into.



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  • …………the reason you look so good in that outfit is that only you would put it together like that……so beautiful. Vintage always was you. Nice shot by BC….codos. The shot of your turned head towards the bldg with that massive braid in your hair is smashing.

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